• Metacade’s presale has already raised an incredible $10.9m in only 16 weeks
• The project is expected to produce substantial profits due to its high potential for investments and its comprehensive plan to position itself at the heart of the burgeoning GameFi movement
• MCADE holders are able to take advantage of well-designed staking options, which could see prices rise to $1 in 2023

Metacade’s Presale Hits $10.9m in April 2023

Metacade has made a huge splash since appearing on the crypto scene and has already raised an impressive $10.9m in just 16 weeks. This shows that the project is being viewed as a high-potential investment opportunity with the potential for substantial profits by those who take advantage of the discount prices available in the presale.

Five Reasons MCADE Tokens Are Best Investments Today

Metacade has been highly praised by many investment groups since launching their whitepaper and is being regarded as one of the best investments around right now due to five key factors:

  • The biggest play-to-earn arcade on the planet
  • Supports all types of playstyles from casual to competitive
  • Extensive rewards system for contributors
  • Gamers have direct say in game development projects via Metagrants program
  • Well-designed staking options for MCADE holders


Can MCADE Reach $1 In 2023?

With interest likely surging after an Initial DEX Offering (IDO) and technical releases/CEX listing due later this year, there’s a good chance that prices will reach up to $1 by 2023, making it one of the most profitable investments available today.

Take Advantage Of Discount Prices Now

To take advantage of these potential profits, investors should consider investing during Metacade’s presale before prices go up when it hits exchanges later this year.


With its comprehensive plan, highly praised whitepaper, and well-designed staking options, Metacade looks set to be one of the most promising projects out there — making it an ideal choice for investors looking for long term returns.