symbolises this new generation of applications that are designed to make information channels more fluid and achieve optimal decentralisation. Thus, the firm offers a stable and complete architecture, which finds its Bitcoin Lifestyle meaning in the context of an interconnected society.

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The Reef partnership
Reef is a DeFI operating system, whose purpose is to group together several sources of liquidity specific to the various existing markets (CEX, DEX…). The interest is thus to obtain interest rates updated in real time, and always more competitive. The platform allows you to borrow, lend or stagger cryptomoney, according to your needs.
DeFI represents a considerable volume of data, due to the number of transactions carried out on the networks (the ETH miners will not tell you otherwise). Nevertheless, this issue is a real opportunity for, whose main mission is to manage and accelerate information flows.

Thanks to Aleph, Reef will be able to operate in a totally decentralised way and propose a more accurate discount rate. For, this partnership represents a new stage, which will ultimately allow Reef to reinforce the credibility of its action and to refine its technical solution.

Aleph listed within Kyber Network
In addition to having entered into a major partnership, the „ALPEH“ token is now listed within Kyber Network. One of the key points of the Aleph protocol lies in its flexibility. Indeed, the latter is „cross-chain“, meaning that it integrates several blockchains in its operation. In this case: None, Ethereum, Neo and the latest one, Cosmos. The token will therefore be used in different ecosystems.
At the same time, the Aleph token will be exchanged to pay for the costs related to the network and the applications that use it. Storage, maintenance and synchronisation costs will be taken into account.

In addition, there are various ways to generate passive income through Aleph:

staking (the latter is currently available via Kucoin).
Feeding liquidity on Uniswap. Approximately 15,000 ALEPHs are distributed every day, in proportion to the volumes provided.
The network is consolidating its position in a growing market, namely DeFi. The firm clearly displays its ambitions with sizeable partnerships and a platform that is evolving at a glance. The year 2021 promises to be exciting for Aleph, as shown in its roadmap: Integration of Polkadot, development of the Binance Chain and many others…